Window Privacy Film

Open floor plans are all the rage at the hottest tech companies. People love the look and feel of a collaborative and agile workplace. However, sometimes you or your employees may be viewing data that is either sensitive or may need to be protected from prying eyes.

All Venue Signs has a great Window Privacy Film that can complement the modern look of your office without sacrificing natural light. Use our window privacy film to obscure workstations from a nosy passerby.

Window Privacy Film Options

  • Meeting Rooms – Use our Window Privacy Film to achieve a level of meeting security while still maintaining an open and friendly environment.
  • Cubicles – Our Window Privacy Film can be employed to keep data in your cubicle workstations secure from view as people walk by.
  • Retail Spaces – Retail spaces can use window privacy film to filter sunlight and create a more appealing and comfortable sales floor.