LED Readerboard Signs

Community and civic organizations are often challenged to make announcements that have to be disseminated to as many citizens as possible in a short period of time. What better way is there to get your message out than to show it to anyone who passes by your facility either on foot or by car.

LED readerboard signs from All Venue Signs are like the town crier for your organization. You can add LED readerboard functionality to an existing sign or create a new sign entirely. The choice is yours.

LED Readerboard Signs from All Venue Signs

  • Schools and Churches – Share messages that can be seen by parents and students at least twice a day as they pickup or drop off their children at school. For churches, an LED readerboard sign is far more efficient than a monthly bulletin.
  • Retailers – Keep customers abreast of upcoming events and promotions.
  • Public Facility Buildings – Sharing news with the community at large is an important role for civic organizations. An LED readerboard can help get your message out there.