Cabinet Signs

Cabinet Signs. You may not know the name but you know them when you see them. They’re everywhere. Whether you’re in the suburbs or an urban area, your line-of-sight will almost always fall onto a cabinet sign. They are excellent ways to draw attention to your business.

Also known as lightbox signs, cabinet signs are attached directly to the facade of a building or mounted on poles to maximize their ability to use the combination of lighting effects, size and bright colors to get your business noticed.

Cabinet Signs from All Venue Signs

  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction – Our signs are built on a lightweight but durable aluminum frame that is rust resistant and built to withstand inclement weather.
  • Translucent Facing – At All Venue Signs, we use acrylic or polycarbonate facings. This provides protection while allowing the light to shine through.
  • Vinyl Overlays – To give the sign a personal touch, vinyl overlays are used. This is where your message and design is attached.