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    Event Signage: Using Directories and Wayfinding Signs to Enhance Your Event Experience

    Directories and wayfinding signage play an essential role in enhancing your event experience by ensuring visitors navigate the event with ease. While wayfinding is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when attending or planning an event, it plays a crucial role in ensuring that event participants and attendees have a great experience.

    Whether it is a corporate event, charity gala, community festival or a trade expo, having the right directory signage and wayfinding in place will enhance your event and can determine its success or failure.

    Here are a few helpful tips and visual graphics ideas:

    Structural Signs and Graphics

    Event attendees and participants can benefit from wayfinding signs that are strategically placed within the venue to find their way around. Temporary directional graphics can be applied to walls, stairs, elevators, columns, as well as other structures within the building. Entrances, exits and washrooms must be clearly identified for people to find them easily. This can be achieved by placing signs on doors or hanging them from ceilings.

    Floor Graphics

    You can direct people throughout the venue or communicate targeted messages by placing floor graphics and wayfinding signs at your attendee’s feet. Durable decals and graphics can help guide participants as they walk around.

    Digital Signs

    Digital directories and interactive displays will keep participants in the know through updated information. Screens can be mounted on walls which will display messages such as activity schedules, seat maps, vendor information and safety tips.

    Wearable Items

    It’s absolutely important that event participants can identify the staff and security team with ease. Your staff should be easily recognized through event branded hats, t-shirts and badges so that participants can trace them and ask for directions or help if necessary. 

    Printed Materials

    Provide your event participants with information in the form of printed materials such as flyers, brochures and booklets in addition to directories and wayfinding signage. A detailed map of the venue and the event’s agenda should be included in the printed materials.

    Using Directories

    A directory should be easy to understand and strategically placed within the venue to help attendees find their way around. It is important to note that directories and wayfinding signage should be clearly marked so as not to cause any confusion.

    Contact All Venue Sign Company for more sign and graphics ideas for your next big event.