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    Directories and wayfinding signage play an essential role in enhancing your event experience by ensuring visitors navigate the event with ease. While wayfinding is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when attending or planning an event, it plays a crucial role in ensuring that event participants and…

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    Trade show signs are the first interaction that a person has with your business, whether you’re trying to sell a product/service or you want to hire. A well-designed trade show sign represents your company’s identity, but also helps you to organize your products or services and sell them in a…

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    Making a big impact at a trade show is important, but the marketing efforts prior and the follow-up after the event can be the difference between making marketing impression and closing on a sales lead. The most important thing is to have a cohesive message from start to finish. This…

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    If you want to connect with people in your industry, a trade show is the place to meet people and get a fair look at the landscape of your profession. Networking is a great way to expand your potential in your field and networking is easy at trade shows. You…