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    4 Kinds of Signs You May Not Have Thought of

    Think you know your signage very well? Well, think again. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

    Signs are not meant to be only outdoors or on windows. They have an equally important work to do inside the store. They are also not meant only to attract and retain customers. They can be equally informative. They can, often, be silent guides.

    In this article, we are going to discuss 4 kinds of signs which are incredibly important for any business. Also, more often than not, people fail in recognizing their need and using them effectively.

    1. Signs for People with Disabilities

    Very few of us are physically challenged. As such, it’s easy to overlook the needs of those who aren’t like us. If you can get lost in a reasonably big store, think about those who are visual, vocally or auditorily impaired.

    A lot can be done to help them. Braille signages or raised letters are a good place to start. Then, low contrast colors must be used to aid the visually challenged. Also, simple typefaces along with vivid pictures are great things to try.

    1. Safety Signs

    Wet Floors. High Voltage areas. Areas without railings. Areas unsafe for children. These are not at all uncommon in commercial establishments. However, it’s easy for lost customers or even employees to run into any of them. This can be extremely dangerous. Moreover, the organization may end up reimbursing damages, which can be financially draining. Hence, safety signs should always be given due importance.

    1. Wayfinding Signs

    Imagine you’re in 5 storeyed hospitals. Each floor has 10 rooms and a common area. You have to go meet Dr. X in the ENT department. If there were no signs, would it not turn out to be terribly frustrating?

    Wayfinding signs can help a lot. In the above example, there can be a chart to differentiate the areas into diagnostic labs, doctor chambers, operation theatres, etc. Then, those doctor’s chambers can be further demarcated according to specializations like neurology, dermatology, ENT, etc. This makes the process less stressful and more efficient for both the customers and employees.

    1. Persuasive Signs

    Signages, when used on individual units, can greatly enhance their value. They can give the product a different personality.

    For example, An ‘earth-friendly’ tag can be attached to all green products. A discount tag can be attached to all products on sale. A red ‘hot product’ tag can be attached to fast selling products while a ‘gold quality’ tag can be attached to high-quality premium products. Once a customer sees these tags, he or she immediately gets to know what is special about the product. If they like that quality, there can be a lot of impulse purchases!

    And the list doesn’t stop here. People always complain about lack of space to show signs. How about mega graphics on your store walls? Often, new brands find it difficult to attract customers. How about outdoor cabinet signs to make yourself more readily identifiable?

    Let Us Think for You

    If this makes you a bit uncomfortable, that’s great. Having realized how much more there is to signage, you will only want to learn every day. Also, it’s highly advisable to get your store checked out by a signage company. With their experience, they will have many more ideas to give. At All Venue Graphics and Signs, we try and learn continuously about different signs. We can help you identify gaps in your establishment and fill them. If you are interested, you can contact us any day, any time.